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Our One Stop Shop Service

2018-03-28T13:35:08+00:00Reports and Assessments|

Discovering unanticipated costs that impact on a project’s profitability or even viability after acquiring a site is perhaps the main cause for many developers having sleepless nights. The key to avoiding these costs is to de-risk the scheme as much as possible before you buy however, that involves a great deal of expertise not to mention time and effort in pulling everything together. So wouldn’t it be

It’s not just cider that these apple orchards produce!

2018-03-05T10:08:03+00:00Biodiversity, Ecology|

Ancient orchards provide an ideal habitat for a little known species of beetle, the rather grand sounding Noble Chafer, and if you’re developing in Worcestershire, or neighbouring counties then it’s wise to get to know your Noble Chafer facts! Gnorimus nobilis to give it its formal species name, is a vibrant looking beetle with a striking metallic green body, speckled with white and the whole body