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Why Have a Report

Itís an increasing requirement to provide statutory reports and assessments in support of Planning applications. This service is aimed at any person or organisation submitting or considering a planning application, or indeed carrying out a construction project.
It's suitable for Private individuals, Landowners, Developers and Builders alike

The Government produced guidance in 2005, requiring Local Councils to produce a "validation" checklist, that would be used to assess all planning applications upon their receipt by the Council. This guidance includes a list of the reports that will be required to allow the Councilís planning department to properly assess the implications of the planning application.

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You should also view these assessments as practical measures to protect your investment. Obtain the necessary reports before you buy !

Itís crucial that any issues that might hamper or even prevent development are identified prior to you spending significant money buying a site or property that you intend to make alterations toÖ. for your peace of mind. Certainly you should have the necessary reports in place before starting the planning application process. The lack of any documentation will lead to your application being rejected as invalid and the potential to loose the planning fees that you have paid along with further time delays.
The planning office has a list of reports that might be required, your adviser (Architect, Engineer or planning consultant) will also be able to advise you. Alternatively weíd be pleased to provide consultation in respect of individual projects.