Guidelines for a Contamination Study
With the increase in urbanisation, its important that people don’t forget the environmental aspect of redevelopment and regeneration. Due to industrialisation there are many harmful substances which are deposited on the ground, in the water or the air. This may lead to land, water or air pollution and this has the potential in some way to affect human health if left unchecked. It is essential to look after various aspects of the environment and human health as these form the main sensitive receptors.

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There are many harmful pollutants which contaminate ground water and surface water and to prevent this contamination moving to receptors such as humans, animals of the local ecology. It is necessary to take action starting with a comprehensive contamination study. Discharge of oil, fuel and other waste on the land also leads to land contamination. There are many harmful chemicals which are toxic and to nature and are discarded on the land. It is important to commission a professional contamination study in order to ascertain the potential for contamination and to enable developers to take action to protect the environment including the health of the people living in neighbouring areas. Land can be affected by many substances such as pesticides, fertilizers, toxic waste; A proper study will help you prevent the land from remaining contaminated.

It is essential to learn about the review the initial assessment and if contamination Is present to instigate a program of remediation to make the effective use of the land which is currently polluted. For contaminated land it is necessary to perform the contamination study in three phases-

The first phase includes collecting relevant background information and conducting an initial examination of the site. Reviewing maps, desk study of various environment records combined with a walkover survey provides the initial assessment. The second phase includes laboratory analysis of sampling, examining the proposed works on the site, preparing protocols, and interim reporting. The third phase includes control of site, stipulation of requisite contractors , providing monitoring and evidence of remediation being successfully completed.

If you are looking for the hale and hearty life then it is important to understand the concept of the contamination. Improvising land and water contamination by appropriate contamination study can also help to keep the environment clean and pure.

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