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Energy Statements to assist in the Submission of Planning Applications

With the increasing importance of Sustainability in the consideration of new building design, this is being reflected in the National policy of Code for Sustainable Homes and in Local Planning Authority requirements for Energy Statements. Any house, in the course of normal living emits a level of Carbon Dioxide and through the Energy Statements it can be demonstrated how this can be modertaed through specific design. Policies in your area may specify that the report should demonstrate a reduction in level of Carbon Emission. We have offices covering the Midlands, the South West, the South East and Northern England and through these offices we have one local to you that will know what needs to be demonstrated in your area.
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Energy Statements

This incorporates wide ranging information which must demonstrate that sustainable construction techniques have been fully integrated into the design. This must be demonstrated to the satisfaction of the planning department in order for planning permission to be granted.
We provide Energy Statements that will help you gain your Planning Permission.
The requirement to show a reduction of in predicted carbon dioxide output will involve a number of aspects which will need to be incorporated at design stage and we provide a full process Consultancy Service.
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