Do You Need a Contamination Assessment?
As the population increases day by day, it is of prime importance to expand and develop the towns and cities. This has resulted in the growth of reuse of previously used land for new construction projects developing into renewed and vibrant areas within our community. It’s now necessary and desireable to to use the old commercial sites and re-establish them into new areas of residential, shopping, commercial and industrial units.

This practice of regeneration is being seen in many areas across the UK. . This regeneration of brownfield land has made it necessary to carry out contamination assessments. A Contamination assessment gives a clear idea about the present condition of the ground and what the effect could be, if it is utilized in future for new sensitive uses.

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Contamination assessment is undertaken in three steps. Firstly, an assessment survey is carried out. The existing site is visually examined and inspected. The geological condition of the site is noted and various desk based research and study on the history and it’s surroundings is carried out On the basis of the findings of this reports a risk assessment is made. If past or current uses have resulted in contamination then future recommendations are set out, including testing and investigation .. Once further contamination assessment and testing has informed the project, then remediation scheme can be implemented. Once the reconstruction and remediation has been carried out and the on site supervision has been done thena final report is made on the basis of the past and present investigation.

The above three steps provide a formal procedure for the contamination assessment process. The contamination assessment makes it possible to recognise any risk factors involved in the process of site redevelopment. It examines whether the contamination would have a harmful effect on the human health or other sensitive receptors on the development site and also aids the process of eradicating thosepotential harmful effects in a suitable way.

The contamination assessment requires experienced operativesin order to provide best results to the client. The results should not only satisfy the client but also the environmental agencies and the Local planning authority. Contamination assessment is most important for “Brown-field sites”, these are the sites which were originally utilized for industrial purposes.

Apart from industrial sites, contamination assessment is also necessary for various other sites like petrol stations, vehicle workshops, bus depots , etc. Thus, contamination assessment must be carried out for all sites where there is a suspicion of contamination.

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