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                                  Contaminated Land Report

Many Local Authorities now require planning applications to be accompanied by a Contaminated Land Report (CLR) which may be known as a Phase 1 Contamination Report or a Contamination Risk Assessment. These reports will normally include a walkover study, to act as a risk assessment, essentially to confirm no risk of contamination exists.
Soil sampling can also be undertaken to assess levels of soil contamination.

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If the site is found to have a risk of contamination, the report will be used to inform what, if any, conditions need to be made in the case of further development. Alternatively the LPA may request further work is carried out prior to an application being accepted.


Should a risk of contamination be reflected in the assessment then a Phase 2 Options Appraisal can be compiled. This will set out the options for remediation, their evaluation for feasibility on site and a detailed remediation strategy, to enable your site to be made suitable for development. We can provide assistance in negotiating with the Local Authority and ultimately agreeing a way forward. This is then followed by the detailed design, planning and implementation stage, Phase 3, which ultimately concludes with plans if necessary for long term monitoring, post development.

We offer Contamination Reports throughout the country. With our geographical spread of offices, we cover the South East, South West, the Midlands and the North of England.

National guidance informs the format of Contamination Reports but most councils have particular local requirements. We are familiar with these and can advise you what will be required.

We’re therefore able to deliver a comprehensive service in this area, usually including a Phase 1 investigation in order to meet the Local Authority’s initial requirements.

You may have found us through EnDs or the Environmental Data Service as we intend to be the most cost effective Environmental Consultants dealing in Contamination.
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