Contaminated Land Reports and Planning policy

Conversion of contaminated land into developed land is an important element of land supply in the UK as many previously used sites are left with the residual contamination from their past uses. It is also essential aspect if you are planning to improve and regenerate  the appearance of your city or any built up area area. According to various sources of contaminated land reports, contaminated land is one of the major reasons for the increasing pollution. Planning policy relating to contaminated land states that it is the responsibility of the owners to keep their land safe and clear of hazardous materials, particularly when regeneration is occurring.
In case of contaminated land, the Local Authority’s  planning departmenr is the important first method of evaluating the suitability for development and providing controls for future use of the land. Proper investigation of the polluted location will help landowners find the appropriate measures to take in order to support their case and accord with planning policy. Contaminated land reports must demonstrate  the risks involved so that planning departments can follow the policy and propose effective controlsAssessing the risk and any  analysis work required can be efficiently carried out  by the competent, suitably experience  contractors or consultantss. It becomes necessary to analyse the development proposals in conjunction with the Contaminated land survey before commencing the work in order  to calculate the costs associated with remediation.. asuch work   is liable to be time consuming  and often expensive.

Planning made on the basis of land contamination reports is evaluated further by the environmental protection unit. The main reason behind evaluating the plan is to make sure that the recommendations made in the plan are appropriate. Further guidance and assistance on the basis of investigation is given by the environmental protection unit so as to make the planning more effective.

If you are looking to redevelop contaminated land but don’t know where to start from, then here are some pointersthat may be helpful to you –

    • Before planning the development program it is necessary to investigate the land properly.
    • Measuring the risk involved is an important factor.
    • Get the right contaminated land reports to understand the potential issues and problems associated with the site.
    • .
    • On the basis of  any remediation requirement shown up in the contamination report, prepare the remedial plan and establish costs to determine viability and avoid wasted time and money.
    • After the completion of these works integrate the contaminated land plans into your overall submission for planning approval to demonstrate you have given the matter the appropriate consideration when preparing your submissions. Land must become suitable for the planned use after its conversion from contaminated to developed land.


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