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Archaeology and Historic Buildings

Where there are old buildings or evidence locally of historic activity close to a site thatís going to be disturbed for development or construction, itís usual for Planning Authorities to require landowners to undertake Assessments or recording to provide information on the history of the site and itís previous uses.

Youíll be pleased to know that we provide clients with a variety of services and reporting to inform and satisfy these requirements, in an effective, cost conscious manner.

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Initial Archaeological Assessments.

In order to inform the Local Planning Authority (LPA) and their statutory Consultees (in this case usually County Council Archaeology Departments) we provide initial reporting which may include:-

Desk Based studies
Geophysical Surveys
Field Surveys
On site invasive investigations
(trial pitting),

to be submitted as part of planning applications.

Follow on Investigations, After Planning Permission
Should the initial phase of assessment show the LPA that some features of interest exist, itís usual that as part of any planning permission granted, conditions will be attached that require further work to investigate and reveal the level of Archaeology present, at your cost! This usually means excavation, at some level.
Our team will effectively negotiate with your Local Planning Authority to ensure the minimum work necessary is carried out to provide this information. Critically this saves valuable time and can reduce costs significantly.
We're able to mobilise teams of suitably qualified Archaeologists to provide further information to discharge planning conditions, quickly, and cost effectively, including executing watching briefs, trial pitting and full site strips
Historic Building Recording

Interesting old buildings that will be significantly altered by development, or are removed altogether through demolition to make way for new buildings are often required as a condition of planning permission to have the form and important historic features physically recorded by a specialist Archaeologist prior to works commencing.

We can combine initial on site survey work and suitably qualified Archaeologists to provide this information.
If you feel thereís a potential for this work to be required then talk to us at the start of your project. We can assist in co-ordinating various service providers to ensure that you can utilise the information gathered effectively to compliment other requirements later in the project.
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